Q: Why should I outsource any core job responsibility?

A: We cannot be master in all the traits and be efficient with it. Hence acquiring service from the third party assures you of the expertise and excellence in the work. And in turn you can concentrate on some other job.

Q: Does outsourcing leads to control by the third party?

A: Certainly not, as you keep the hold on your business and at the same time you command the third party your requirements and demands of the work or project. Thus the synthesis of the work takes place, according to your perspective.

Q: What if the outsourcing doesn’t meet my expectation?

A: There are adequate clauses prevalent for the same, where the expectation when not met is dealt adequately. You always have the liberty show your redress for the same. As we have the required team which looks after the matter.

Q: What is the qualification of the employees who are associated with you?

A: We have the combination of college graduates and experts who holds masters in Research and Analysis, Business Administration, Engineering, Finance, Statistics, English Literature, Communication etc.

Q: Are you equipped to outsource?

A: We have the operational offices at the different locations of India, where each office is envisaged with 4 Mbps internet speed. We even have the highly secured servers which keeps your information intact.

Q: How do you ensure the confidentiality to the clients?

A: Before, initiating any project we ask you to sign the non-disclosure agreement which promises to protect your private information. Your information is safe and secured with us on our servers. Hence you do not need to worry about the same. As we have a reliable information system.